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Buy The PEARLS from Elective Affinity

"Art is an Object Plus a Story" for The Washington Post

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On Alice Trumbull Mason at Washburn Gallery

The New York Times (recent):

"NADA Art Fair Takes Chelsea with High Energy" (5/19/23)

"Kusama Takes on the Infinite with a Sly Wink" (5/17/23)

"TEFAF New York: A Worldly Fair Overflows with Art and Design" (5/11/23)

"When Is a Chair a Work of Art? A Bushwick Gallery Weighs In" (4/13/23)

"10 Artists on Picasso's Enduring, Confounding Influence" (4/6/23)

"7 Ways to Kick-Start Your Asia Week Art Tour" (3/16/23)

"Mary Bauermeister, Avant-Garde Artist and Host, Dies at 88" (3/11/23)

"Portraits of Elvis and Dreamlike Visions at the 31st OAF" (3/3/23)

"High Profile Art Couple Offers Worst Job Ever" (2/26/23)

"Beauty in the Aftermath" (2/18/23)

"Thaddeus Mosley Never Stopped Working" (2/17/23)

Current gallery reviews, reviews of past shows, and NYT author page.

My own index (which goes back further) is here. Other art writing is here.

Fiction (selected):

The PEARLS from Elective Affinity (12/12/19)

"Why We Talk in Images" in Jewish Currents (11/1/19)

"Assholes and Oxheads" in BOMB (7/9/15)

The King's Evil (Scribner, 2003)


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