Will Heinrich

Queens, New York.

The New York Times (selected):

"Upstate Art Weekend Offers a Year's Worth of Art in Four Days" (7/18/24)

"The Dazzling Artistry of Hiroshige's '100 Views of Edo'" (7/4/24)

"Audrey Flack, Creator of Vibrant Photorealistic Art, Dies at 93" (7/3/24)

"Barbara Gladstone, 89, Dies; Art Dealer With Global Reach and a Personal Touch" (6/20/24)

Pat Oleszko/Charles Ray/Lauren dela Roche (6/12/24)

"Ernie Barnes Paints What It Feels Like to Move" (5/30/24)

"Joe Zucker, Prolific Painter of Innumerable Styles, Dies at 82" (5/23/24)

"Katherine Porter, Painter of Intuitive Expressionism, Dies at 82" (5/15/24)

"An Embarrassment of Style at the Independent" (5/9/24)

"Standouts at NADA New York, the Fair for Up-and-Comers" (5/2/24)

Beau Dick/Al Freeman/Meghan Brady (4/25/24)

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Fiction (selected):

The PEARLS (2019)

"Why We Talk in Images" in Jewish Currents (11/1/19)

"Assholes and Oxheads" in BOMB (7/9/15)

The King's Evil (2003) is also available in Turkish (2016, 2024)


"100 Works of Art for 100 Years of WYNYC" on "All of It" with Alison Stewart

(And here is my list of picks)

"Art is an Object Plus a Story" for The Washington Post

Recent interviews: Tribeca Citizen, Rain Taxi, Columbia College Today

On Alice Trumbull Mason at Washburn Gallery


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