Will Heinrich

Queens, New York.

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"Art is an Object Plus a Story. Even for Hunter Biden's Pricey Paintings"

Recent interviews: Tribeca Citizen, Rain Taxi, Columbia College Today

The New York Times (recent):

Corita Kent at Andrew Kreps (7/14/21)

"Field of Vision" at Peter Blum (6/30/21)

Matthew Wong at Cheim & Read (6/9/21)

Joan Semmel at Alexander Gray (6/2/21)

Alice Mackler at Kerry Schuss (5/27/21)

Darrel Ellis at Candice Madey (5/20/21)

and many others and SELECTED OTHER ART WRITING

Fiction (selected):

The PEARLS from Elective Affinity (12/12/19)

"Why We Talk in Images" in Jewish Currents (11/1/19)

"Assholes and Oxheads" in BOMB (7/9/15)

The King's Evil (Scribner, 2003)


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