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"Upstate Art Weekend Offers a Year's Worth of Art in Four Days" (7/18/24)

"The Dazzling Artistry of Hiroshige's '100 Views of Edo'" (7/4/24)

"Audrey Flack, Creator of Vibrant Photorealistic Art, Dies at 93" (7/3/24)

"Barbara Gladstone, 89, Dies; Art Dealer With Global Reach and a Personal Touch" (6/20/24)

Pat Oleszko/Charles Ray/Lauren dela Roche at David Peter Francis, Matthew Marks, and Eric Firestone (6/12/24)

"Ernie Barnes Paints What It Feels Like to Move" (5/30/24)

"Joe Zucker, Prolific Painter of Innumerable Styles, Dies at 82" (5/23/24)

"Katherine Porter, Painter of Intuitive Expressionism, Dies at 82" (5/15/24)

"An Embarrassment of Style at the Independent" (5/9/24)

"Standouts at NADA New York, the Fair for Up-and-Comers" (5/2/24)

Beau Dick/Al Freeman/Meghan Brady at Andrew Kreps; Venus Over Manhattan and 56 Henry; and Mrs and Dunes (4/25/24)

"After 70 Years, Si Lewen's Wrenching 'Parade' Marches On" (4/18/24)

"In Zen Painting, It Takes Years of Practice to Do Almost Nothing" (4/4/24)

"Robert Moskowitz, Abstract Painter of New York's Skyscrapers, Dies at 88" (3/28/24)

"Cat Demons and Vietnamese Celadon in Asia Week's 15th Year" (3/4/24)

"8 Objects Too Good to Miss at the Outsider Art Fair" (2/29/24)

David Smith/Diane Simpson/Adrianne Rubenstein at Hauser & Wirth, James Cohan, and Broadway (2/21/24)

"When 'Giants' Roam the Museum Halls" (2/7/24)

"Alice Mackler, Sculptor Discovered in Her 80s, Dies at 92" (2/2/24)

"Brent Sikkema, Influential New York Gallerist, Dies at 75" (1/21/24)

"Need a Bird Cage Shaped like the U.S. Capitol? Try the Winter Show" (1/18/24)

Brian Buczak/Joyce Kozloff/"Books" (1/18/24)

"Seeing Isamu Noguchi Through Someone Else's Eyes" (1/11/24)

"Martha Diamond, Painter Who Captured New York Vistas, Dies at 79" (1/4/24)

"Pope.L, Provocative Performance Artist, Dies at 68" (12/27/23)

"Giovanni Anselmo, a Leader of the Arte Povera Movement, Dies at 89" (12/23/23)

Kayode Ojo at 52 Walker (12/21/23)

Duane Linklater at Bortolami (11/30/23)

"A Rare Appearance for 'Six Persimmons,' a 13th-Century Masterpiece" (11/21/23)

Anish Kapoor at Lisson (11/16/23)

"At Salon Art + Design, Gold Bracelets and Lipstick-Red Monochromes" (11/12/23)

"Performa Keeps It Live and Real in the Age of TikTok" (11/4/23)

"Juanita McNeely, Intense Artist of the Female Experience, Dies at 87" (11/2/23)

"Ida Applebroog, Whose Art Confronted Relationships, Dies at 93" (10/27/23)

"Park Seo-Bo, Whose Quiet Paintings Trumpeted Korean Art, Dies at 91" (10/23/23)

Carlos Villa & Leo Valledor at Silverlens (10/19/23)

"Sculptures That Don't Have to Add Up to Work Like Magic" (10/3/23)

Louise Bourgeois at Hauser & Wirth (9/21/23)

"Tadaaki Kuwayama, Painter of Cool but Vivid Monochromes, Dies at 91" (9/15/23)

"An Expansive Art History at the Independent Art Fair" (9/7/23)

Fall Preview (9/4/23)

"The Photographer Who Immortalized British Viceroys and Rajahs" (8/31/23)

"Upstate Art Weekend Is Bigger Than It's Ever Been" (7/20/23)

Graham Anderson at Klaus von Nichtssagend (7/13/23)

"Beautiful, Vivid, Self-Contained" at Hill Art Foundation (6/15/23)

"Ebony G. Patterson Brings a Crowd to the New York Botanical Garden" (6/15/23)

Giorgio de Chirico at Vito Schnabel (6/2/23)

Aliza Nisenbaum at Queens Museum (5/25/23)

"NADA Art Fair Takes Chelsea with High Energy" (5/19/23)

"Kusama Takes on the Infinite with a Sly Wink" (5/17/23)

Uman at Nicola Vassell (5/17/23)

"TEFAF New York: A Worldly Fair Overflows with Art and Design" (5/11/23)

Mamie Tinkler at Ulterior (4/26/23)

"When Is a Chair a Work of Art? A Bushwick Gallery Weighs In" (4/13/23)

"10 Artists on Picasso's Enduring, Confounding Influence" (4/6/23)

Rose B. Simpson at Jack Shainman (3/16/23)

Yasunao Tone at Artists Space (3/16/23)

"7 Ways to Kick-Start Your Asia Week Art Tour" (3/16/23)

"Mary Bauermeister, Avant-Garde Artist and Host, Dies at 88" (3/11/23)

"Portraits of Elvis and Dreamlike Visions at the 31st OAF" (3/3/23)

"High Profile Art Couple Offers Worst Job Ever" (2/26/23)

Nicole Eisenman at Print Center New York (2/23/23)

"Beauty in the Aftermath" (2/18/23)

"Thaddeus Mosley Never Stopped Working" (2/17/23)

"Labor of Love" at Rachel Uffner (2/16/23)

"Orchids Take Their Star Turn at the New York Botanical Garden" (2/16/23)

Tom Fairs at Kerry Schuss and Van Doren Waxter (1/26/23)

Cynthia Talmadge at Bortolami (1/20/23)

"The Unforgettable Meets the Unimaginable at the Winter Show" (1/19/23)

"Ashley Bickerton, Whose Art Evoked Humor and Wonder, Dies at 63" (12/17/22)

Meg Lipke at Broadway (12/15/22)

"With 'Eyes on Iran,' Artists Bring Protests to Roosevelt Island" (12/8/22)

Nicky Nodjoumi at Helena Anrather (12/1/22)

June Leaf at Ortuzar Projects (11/17/22)

"A Closer Look at Churchill the Painter" (11/8/22)

"A Deluge of Art at the Carnegie International" (11/3/22)

Hope Gangloff at Susan Inglett (10/27/22)

"Ritual and Memory: The Ancient Balkans and Beyond" at Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (10/19/22)

"Geffen Hall Commissions New Art That Honors Black and Latino History" (10/8/22)

"In Jumana Manna's Film, a Wild Plant Crosses the Political Line" (9/29/22)

Sturtevant at Matthew Marks (9/28/22)

"Dead Lecturer/Distant Relative: Notes from the Woodshed, 1950-1980" at Wallach Art Gallery (9/14/22)

Asia Week New York (9/14/22)

"Two Critics, 13 Favorite Booths at The Armory Show" (9/8/22)

"Independent 20th Century's Artist's in a Cozy New Spinoff" (9/8/22)

"More than 90 Art Shows and Exhibitions to See This Fall" (9/8/22)

"Painting Michelle Obama Took 9 Months. Keeping It Secret Took 6 Years" (9/7/22)

"Winold Reiss, an Immigrant Modernist Way Ahead of His Time" (8/25/22)

"To Bleach, To Fold" at Transmitter (8/18/22)

"If These Beautiful Ornaments Could Speak" (8/3/22)

"Stressed World" at The School (7/20/22)

"For the Birds" at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (7/13/22)

John Riepenhoff at Broadway (6/29/22)

"'Kimono Style:' A Beautiful Painting You Can Wear" (6/8/22)

Shikeith at Yossi Milo (6/1/22)

Robert Colescott at George Adams (5/25/22)

Robyn O'Neil at Susan Inglett (5/12/22)

Carlos Villa at the Newark Museum (5/7/22)

"An Elegant Return to Form at Independent Art Fair" (5/5/22)

"How to Look at a Basquiat" (4/27/22)

Julia Wachtel at Helena Anrather (4/27/22)

Peter Uka at Flag Foundation (4/22/22)

Kira Dominguez Hultgren at Heroes (4/15/22)

"5 Ukrainian Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now" (4/13/22)

Pier Paolo Calzolari at Marianne Boesky (4/7/22)

"Treasure Hunting at the Winter Show" (4/1/22)

"Richard Tuttle: Please Touch!" (3/30/22)

Mel Leipzig at Gallery Henoch (3/24/22)

"The Avant-Garde Filmmaker Who Tried to Tell the Truth" (3/17/22)

"Woodblock Prints and Hindu Gods at Asia Week New York" (3/11/22)

"Dan Graham, Mind-Bending Conceptual Artist, Dies at 79" (3/4/22)

"Nuestra Casa" at the Hispanic Society Museum & Library (3/2/22)

"In Support" at The Kitchen (2/24/22)

Louisa Matthiasdottir at Tibor de Nagy (2/17/22)

"Surrealist Collaborations" at Paul Kasmin (2/10/21)

"It's Gold, Baby. But Niclas Castello's Cube Is Nothing New in Art" (2/2/22)

"Feminism and the Legacy of Surrealism" at Thomas Erben (2/2/22)

John Seal/Calliope Pavlides at Harkawik (1/26/22)

Holly Coulis at Klaus von Nichtssagend (1/20/22)

"A Dollhouse You Could Call Home" (1/20/22)

Shiko Munakata at The Japan Society (1/6/22)

"Unseen Professors" at Tina Kim Gallery (12/17/21)

Wifredo Lam at Pace(12/2/21)

Nolan Simon at 47 Canal (11/25/21)

"Gillian Wearing Is Spilling Your Secrets" (11/18/21)

Roy Ferdinand at Andrew Edlin (11/10/21)

Manoucher Yektai at Karma (11/3/21)

"TriBeCa Gallery Guide: New York's Most Vibrant Art Scene" (10/28/21)

Kevin Beasley at Performa2021 (10/20/21)

"Revolutionary Model Turned Uncompromising Painter" (10/20/21)

"Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians" at the Asia Society (10/13/21)

Joey Terrill at Ortuzar Projects (10/7/21)

Alice Neel at David Zwirner (9/30/21)

McArthur Binion at Lehmann Maupin (9/22/21)

Fall Preview (9/17/21)

"Art Fairs Come Blazing Back, Precarious but Defiant" (9/9/21)

NADA x Foreland (8/25/21)

"Teaching a New Inclusiveness at The School" (8/12/21)

Joshua Marsh at Mother (8/4/21)

Corita Kent at Andrew Kreps (7/14/21)

"Field of Vision" at Peter Blum (6/30/21)

Matthew Wong at Cheim & Read (6/9/21)

Joan Semmel at Alexander Gray (6/2/21)

Alice Mackler at Kerry Schuss (5/27/21)

Darrel Ellis at Candice Madey (5/20/21)

Hassan Hajjaj at Yossi Milo (5/13/21)

Frieze 2021 (5/6/21)

Hou Zichao at Downs & Ross (4/21/21)

"On the Met's Roof, A Wistful Fantasy We've Been Waiting For" (4/15/21)

"Yayoi Kusama's 'Cosmic Nature' Dots a Bronx Garden" (4/9/21)

Clare Grill at Derek Eller (4/7/21)

"David Hammons, Body and Soul" at the Drawing Center (3/25/21)

Lucas Blalock at Galerie Eva Presenhuber (3/24/21)

Ebecho Muslimova at The Drawing Center (3/17/21)

Sophie Larrimore & Jerry the Marble Faun at Situations (3/10/21)

"Barbara Ess, 76, Dies; Artist Blurred Lines Between Life and Art" (3/9/21)

Peter Sacks/"K as in knight" at Sperone Westwater and Helena Anrather (2/24/21)

Jeanne Reynal at Eric Firestone (2/17/21)

Reggie Burrows Hodges at Karma (2/10/21)

"Outsider Art Fair, Smaller This Year" (1/28/21)

Emily Mason at Miles McEnery (1/27/21)

Martha Diamond/Fawn Krieger at Magenta Plains and Soloway (1/20/21)

"Everybody Dies!" at Carriage Trade (1/13/21)

"Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now" (1/6/21)

Harmony Hammond at Alexander Gray (12/30/20)

Jean Katambayi Mukendi at Ramiken (12/16/20)

Thomas Eggerer at Petzel (12/9/20)

"Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now" (12/2/20)

Sam Gilliam at Pace (11/25/20)

Paul Chan at Greene Naftali (11/19/20)

"Living Things" at JTT (11/11/20)

Minoru Yoshida at Ulterior (11/3/20)

"Ablaze With Art: Thriving Galleries in Lower Manhattan" (10/15/20)

Cheyenne Julien at Chapter (10/7/20)

Lucia Nogueira at Luhring Augustine (9/22/20)

"Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now" (9/16/20)

"I Want to Feel Alive Again" at Lyles & King (9/10/20)

Luc Sante at James Fuentes (8/19/20)

Sojourner Truth Parsons at Foxy Production (8/5/20)

Cristine Brache at Fierman (7/22/20)

"Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now" (7/15/20)

"Bonnie Lucas, Still Playing With Dolls" (7/12/20)

"Labyrinth of Solitude" at 56 Henry (7/1/20)

"Mother Altar" at Mother Gallery (6/24/20)

"Five Artists to Follow on Instagram" (6/17/20)

"Youth Style" at Galerie St. Etienne (6/10/20)

"Public Images" at Carriage Trade (5/28/20)

James Luna at Garth Greenan (5/13/20)

"Mike Cloud: Painting Outside the Safe Space" (5/6/20)

"Five Artists to Follow on Instagram" (4/29/20)

"Time-Share" at Performa (4/28/20)

"15 Documentaries that Get Inside an Artist's Head" (4/16/20)

Jennifer Bolande at Magenta Plains (4/15/20)

"Sean Scully Closes His Windows" (4/9/20)

Gene Beery at Bodega (4/2/20)

"Take a (Solo) Stroll" (3/19/20)

Ben Sakoguchi at Ortuzar Projects (3/17/20)

Asia Week 2020 at various locations (3/11/20)

Independent 2020 (3/5/20)

"Which Art Fair Is For You?" (2/27/20)

"The Alphabet that Can Do Anything" at Grey Art Gallery (2/20/20)

"Beauty Can Be the Opposite of a Number" at Bureau (2/20/20)

Hannah Levy at Casey Kaplan (2/12/20)

Yun Hyong-keun at David Zwirner (2/5/20)

"The Extraordinary"/Juanita McNeely at Hunter East Harlem Gallery and James Fuentes (1/29/20)

Outsider Art Fair 2020 (1/17/20)

Nicky Nodjoumi at Helena Anrather (1/15/20)

Suzanne Jackson at Ortuzar Projects (1/9/20)

Arts of China and Japan at the Brooklyn Museum (12/26/19)

Baseera Khan at Simone Subal (12/11/19)

Alina Szapocznikow/Amy Brener at Hauser & Wirth and Jack Barrett (12/4/19)

Ann Greene Kelly at Chapter (11/27/19)

"Postwar Women" at the Art Students League (11/20/19)

Tyree Guyton at Martos (11/13/19)

"Memory Palaces"/Heidi Jahnke at AFAM and Grifter (11/6/19)

Leonhard Hurzlmeier at Rachel Uffner (10/23/19)

Jesse Mockrin at Nathalie Karg (10/16/19)

Pierre Soulages at Levy Gorvy (10/9/19)

Stephen Prina at Petzel (10/2/19)

"The Unstable Artist who Helped Invent Expressionism" at the Neue Galerie (10/2/19)

Kahlil Robert Irving at Callicoon (9/25/19)

"TriBeCa, the New Art Stroll" at Andrew Kreps, Canada, Kerry Schuss, and Ortuzar Projects (9/18/19)

Fall Preview (9/12/19)

Henni Alftan/Matt Hilvers/Ruth Ige/Andrew Sim at Karma (8/21/19)

Carrie Yamaoka/Joy Episalla at Transmitter (8/21/19)

"Gallery Hopping in the Hudson Valley" at The School, Parts & Labor, Mother, and Magazzino (8/8/19)

David Kennedy Cutler at Derek Eller (7/31/19)

"African Spirits" at Yossi Milo (7/24/19)

Edmund de Waal (scroll down) at The Frick (7/18/19)

"Just Painting" at Jack Barrett Gallery (7/18/19)

Mundos Alternos at the Queens Museum (7/15/19)

Ragnar Kjartansson at The Met (7/9/19)

The Female Gaze Behind Life Magazine at the New-York Historical Society (7/3/19)

Neo Rauch at The Drawing Center (6/26/19)

Maddy Parrasch & Emma Soucek at Safe (6/20/19)

"Mondrian Sparked My Love of Painting" at MoMA (6/6/19)

Kiki Kogelnik/Zheng Guogu at Mitchell-Innes & Nash and MoMA PS1 (6/6/19)

Chris Ofili at David Zwirner (5/29/19)

Alex Israel at Greene Naftali and Reena Spaulings (5/23/19)

Alina Tenser at Crush Curatorial (5/16/19)

Self-Portraits at the Neue Galerie (5/8/19)

Frieze 2019 (5/2/19)

Barbara Ess at Magenta Plains (4/30/19)

Soho and Harlem in the Spring Gallery Guide (4/26/19)

"Perilous Bodies" at the Ford Foundation (4/17/19)

Lesley Vance/Aki Sasamoto/Keiji Uematsu at Bortolami and Simon Lee (4/10/19)

Jackie Gendel at Thomas Erben (4/3/19)

Christina Forrer at Luhring Augustine (3/28/19)

Fin Simonetti at Company (3/21/19)

Asia Week 2019 at various locations (3/14/19)

Wally Reinhardt at Grey Art Gallery (3/6/19)

Yukultji Napangati/"The World According to" at Salon 94 and Pace (3/1/19)

The Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory (2/27/19)

Luke Stettner at Kate Werble (2/20/19)

"Samaritans" at Eva Presenhuber (2/12/19)

Bill Traylor at Betty Cuningham (2/7/19)

"Make Believe"/"Person/Image/Object" at Magenta Plains and Jack Barrett (1/30/19)

Tatsuo Miyajima/"Under Erasure" at Lisson and Pierogi (1/24/19)

Karl Haendel at Mitchell-Innes & Nash (1/16/19)

Magalie Comeau/"For Opacity" at Mitchell Algus and The Drawing Center (1/3/19)

Seth Price at Petzel (12/19/18)

Kayode Ojo at Martos (12/13/18)

Tala Madani/Christine Rebet at 303 and Bureau (12/5/18)

"Devotion and Decadence"/Paa Joe at ISAW and AFAM (11/22/18)

John Houck/Svenja Deininger/"Collection of John Ashbery" at Boesky East, Boesky Gallery, and Kasmin (11/14/18)

Neil Goldberg at Cristin Tierney (11/8/18)

Charles White at Michael Rosenfeld (10/24/18)

Franz Marc & August Macke at the Neue Galerie (10/24/18)

Mahmoud Khaled/Chelsea Culprit at Helena Anrather and Queer Thoughts (10/17/18)

B. Wurtz/Richard Stankiewicz at Metro Pictures and Washburn (10/11/18)

Sam Anderson at Chapter (10/4/18)

Glen Fogel at JTT (9/27/18)

Ivy Haldeman at Downs & Ross (9/20/18)

Romuald Hazoume at Gagosian (9/13/18)

Fall Preview (9/12/18)

Jonas Mekas at James Fuentes (8/15/18)

Front Triennial (8/13/18)

[Emoji Show] at Klaus von Nichtssagend (8/8/18)

"Putting Out" at Gavin Brown (7/31/18)

"Obsession" at the Met Breuer (7/18/18)

Dapper Bruce Lafitte at David Fierman (7/17/18)

Peter Fischli at MoMA (7/4/18)

Lucas Samaras/Alyse Ronayne/Cait Carouge at Craig F. Starr and 321 Gallery (6/27/18)

"Evidence" at Metro Pictures (6/20/18)

Carroll Dunham/Nathaniel Robinson/Alex Kwartler/"Design for Living" at Gladstone, Magenta Plains, Magenta Plains, and Foxy Production (6/13/18)

Queenie at Hunter East Harlem Gallery (6/6/18)

Caleb Considine at Bureau (6/6/18)

Peter Roehr at Ortuzar Projects (5/31/18)

Yun-Fei Ji at James Cohan (5/16/18)

Chaim Soutine at the Jewish Museum (5/11/18)

Marcus Weber at Thomas Erben (5/2/18)

Brooklyn/Queens in the Spring Gallery Guide (4/26/18)

Zoe Pettijohn Schade at Kai Matsumiya (4/18/18)

Matthew Wong at Karma (4/11/18)

"Sculpture" at Luhring Augustine Bushwick and Chelsea (4/5/18)

Robert Bechtle at Gladstone64 (3/29/18)

Isa Genzken at David Zwirner (3/15/18)

Asia Week at Japan Society and Asia Society (3/14/18)

Independent/NADA 2018 (Independent, NADA) (3/6/2018)

Carissa Rodriguez at SculptureCenter (3/6/18)

Danielle Orchard at Jack Hanley (3/1/18)

"This Synthetic Moment" at David Nolan (2/22/18)

Anna K.E./"The Mark Inside" at Simone Subal and Signal (2/15/18)

Heimo Zobernig at Petzel (2/8/18)

Gonzalo Fonseca at the Noguchi Museum (2/1/18)

Chris Dorland at Lyles & King (1/31/18)

Sondra Perry at Bridget Donahue (1/24/18)

Yasuo Ihara at Ulterior (1/17/18)

Elizabeth Murray at Pace (12/26/17)

Al Freeman at 56 Henry (12/20/17)

Travess Smalley at Foxy Production (12/12/17)

Richard Wentworth at Peter Freeman (11/29/17)

Rodin at the Brooklyn Museum, the Met, and the Barnes Collection (11/29/17)

McArthur Binion at Galerie Lelong (11/21/17)

Jessica Vaughn at Martos (11/14/17)

Didier William at TSA (11/8/17)

Heidi Hahn/Bernhard Buhmann at Jack Hanley and Marinaro (11/1/17)

Kahlil Robert Irving/Tom Friedman at Callicoon and Luhring Augustine (10/18/17)

Sally Saul at Rachel Uffner (10/11/17)

Dominick Di Meo at JTT (10/4/17)

Never Built New York at the Queens Museum (9/21/17)

Mike Kuchar at Anton Kern (9/20/17)

Stanley Whitney at Lisson (9/14/17)

Fall Preview (9/9/17)

Urs Fischer at Karma (9/7/17)

Ludovica Gioscia, Robert Grosvenor, Takesada Matsutani, and "Prick Up Your Ears" at Baert, Maccarone, Hauser & Wirth, and Karma (8/31/17)

"Easy Feelings" at Marvin Gardens (8/3/17)

Eugen Gabritschevsky at the American Folk Art Museum (8/2/17)

"Another Place" at Shrine (7/27/17)

"I Plan to Stay a Believer"/"Horizontal" at Andrew Kreps and Cheim and Read (7/20/17)

Nathan Carter at Casey Kaplan (7/13/17)

Look Her Way at Thierry Goldberg (7/6/17)

David Smith at Storm King (6/30/17)

Ceal Floyer at 303 (6/29/17)

Leidy Churchman at Mary Boone Fifth Ave (6/22/17)

Andrea Joyce Heimer at Nicelle Beauchene (6/15/17)

Brian Belott at Gavin Brown (6/8/17)

"Invisible Man" at Martos (5/25/17)

"My Country Tis of Thee"/Robert Bordo at Radiator and National Exemplar (5/18/17)

Frieze New York 2017 (5/4/17)

6 Galleries in the Spring Gallery Guide (4/27/17)

Peter Dreher at Koenig & Clinton (4/19/17)

Todd Bienvenu/Suzanne Caporael/Thomas Fougeirol, Jo-Ey Tang, Harold Edgerton at ymaog, A-M-Y, and Lyles & King (4/13/17)

Matt Hoyt at Bureau (4/6/17)

Christopher Dunlap/Iman Raad at Sardine and Sargent's Daughters (3/30/17)

Yuji Agematsu at Miguel Abreu (3/23/17)

Dena Yago at Bodega (3/16/17)

Alexei Jawlensky at the Neue Galerie (3/9/17)

Allyson Vieira/Frank Heath at Company and Swiss Institute (3/9/17)

"Serialities" at Hauser & Wirth (3/2/17)

Kader Attia at Lehmann Maupin (2/23/17)

Aaron Garber-Maikovska at Clearing (2/16/17)

Bonnie Lucas at JTT (2/9/17)

"We Need to Talk"/Aline Kominsky-Crumb & R. Crumb at Petzel and David Zwirner (1/26/17)

John Ashbery at Tibor de Nagy (1/5/17)

Posthumous Potraiture at the American Folk Art Museum (12/30/16)

Andrew Kuo/Mark Van Yetter at Marlborough and Bridget Donahue (12/22/16)

Dan Herschlein/Gabriel Hartley at 56 Henry and Foxy Production (12/15/16)

Rob Pruitt at Gavin Brown (12/8/16)

Athena Papadopoulos/Ragnar Kjartansson at Shoot the Lobster and Luhring-Augustine (12/1/16)

Sondra Perry/Julia Rommel at The Kitchen and Bureau (11/24/16)

Jo Nigoghossian & John Newman at Chapter (11/17/16)

Calder/Picasso at Almine Rech and GCC at Mitchell-Innes & Nash (11/10/16)

Benjamin Butler/Carolee Schneemann/Aki Sasamoto (11/4/16)

Despina Stokou at Derek Eller (10/27/16)

Arlene Shechet at Sikkema Jenkins (10/20/16)

"Cecily Brown's Repeated Images Tell a Story About Drawing" (10/13/16)

Scarlet Street at Lucien Terras (10/13/16)